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Established in 2017, flenjour World Wide has developed to become one of the most competent logistics and freight forwarding corporations in the world.

With offices and strategic partnerships in the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Nigeria and Ghana, flenjour World Wide bridges the gap with no limits.

We believe the world should be your market place and that is why our Buy Direct From USA.com direct procurement initiative has now expanded to enable the direct and assisted procurement of goods and services from many more countries.

We also have expanded recently to provide a platform to sell locally obtained goods and resources and export these to nations where they may be sold.

flenjour World Wide promises to fulfill all your sea and air freight logistics demands, door to door.

Our various logistic models provide seamless service at the most efficient and cost effective rates. Look out for our brands

*All payments should be made ONLY to flenjour business accounts

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